Personal Editing Services for Wedding Photographers

For me, it's all about making you look good.

Growing up I was always the one behind the camera instead of in the photo. I loved being creative and capturing our family adventures, even with our trusty point-and-shoot. As I set out to establish myself as a professional photographer, I learned that I loved the part of the photography process that most dread—editing and working in Lightroom. Weird, right? Probably, but I have learned that my passion for editing can really come in handy for artists like you.

I have built my business on the foundation of service and editing weddings to match your style and to lighten your load. I believe that a one-on-one editing relationship will ensure that you receive consistently edited photos time and time again that meet your personal standard of quality.

Are you ready to outsource your photo editing?
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Stop editing
So you're a creative mogul?
I can help you grow your business by freeing up your time.
So you're a creative in search of calmness admidst the busyness?
You've come to the right place. I'd love to lighten your load.
So you're a true creative?
You love wedding day — interacting with people, posing couples creatively, and capturing those special moments. You do NOT want to be stuck behind a desk. It just so happens that I love editing. Let's chat.
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I’m Sarah Wittcop and I love cheesy Christmas movies.

I am a southern girl, lover of marriage, Type-A creative, brand loyalist, and a personal photo editor with a knack for color correction. Wife to Adam and fur mom to #SophieoftheBurg.

A fan of: Mexican food, holidays, maltipoo puppies, TJ Maxx, and JoAnna Gaines.

Despiser of: bad haircuts and red-eye flights.

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